Extraordinary Financing Programs for Apartment Buildings

Purchase or Refinance

You deserve the best terms and the lowest rates. You and your team have worked hard to develop your apartment building into a wonderful place for your tenants to call home.  Management is diligent, efficient, and vacancy is always low.  Now the time to refinance or purchase as rates continue to stay low.  Call us today to get the lowest rate with a 30-year Amortization and no personal guarantee.

American Commercial Lending has access to many capital sources that include:

  • Freddie Mac
  • Fannie Mac
  • National Wholesale Sources
  • Conduit Lenders
  • HUD
  • Agency Lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Commercial Rank Portfolio Programs

American Commercial Lending, Inc. has many different commercial lending options. In addition to offering loans from agency lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, we also offer many different bank and portfolio loan programs. While the agency lenders typically have the lowest rates available in the market, many times the borrower would be better off obtaining an apartment building loan from a traditional portfolio lender. Often times, a portfolio product will better serve the needs of the borrower by offering more flexible underwriting and loan terms. Some of the key advantages to a portfolio or bank loan include:

  • Smaller loan sizes (down to a minimum of $200,000)
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Flexible prepayment penalties and some cases no prepayment penalties
  • Programs for properties that require repairs, maintenance, fit outs or updating
  • Stated income and streamlined income programs
  • Borrowers with past credit issues
  • Properties with less than stellar cash flow
  • Mixed-use properties that generate commercial income
  • Student Housing
  • Blanket loans
  • HUD contracts, HAP contracts and Section 8 tenants acceptable
  • Mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities
We have bridge loan financing available for apartment building projects that need to be renovated, updated, may be under market rents, vacant, and that are below standard occupancy rates. The program is perfect for the land lord , investor, or developer that needs time to improve the building or buildings. Rates start at 7% and range from 1-3 years with interest only payments. When completed and improved, we are able to take out the bridge loan with a permanent low rate bank or agency mortgage. Bridge loans are closed much faster then a typical commercial mortgage.
CMBS loans can be another good option for financing apartment buildings. ACL have excellent relationships with CMBS capital. CMBS programs will make individual loans to borrowers which are then packaged and sold to investors as securities. These loans provide interest rate yield to their investors while contributing liquidity to the capital markets. This liquidity in the markets means lower commercial mortgage rates to borrowers. This is a win win for the borrower and for the commercial financing markets.

Our Loan Programs

  • Up to 80% Loan to Value (LTV) for both purchase and refinance loans

  • Non-recourse available – No Personal guarantees

  • 30-year Amortization available (also 15, 20, and 25 year)

  • 5, 7, 10, and 12 year fixed terms

  • Loan amounts from $750,000 – $50,000,000+

Fixed Rate LTV
5yr 3.75%-4.43% 55-80%
7yr 3.76%-4.42% 55-80%
10yr 4.01%-4.65% 55-80%
15yr 4.06%-4.59% 55-80%
30yr 4.39%-4.92% 55-80%
Fixed Rate LTV
5yr 3.60%-4.28% 55-80%
7yr 3.61%-4.27% 55-80%
10yr 3.86%-4.50% 55-80%
15yr 3.91%-4.44% 55-80%
30yr 4.24%-4.77% 55-80%
Fixed Rate LTV
5yr 3.50% 55-80%
7yr 3.75% 55-80%
10yr 3.92% 55-80%
Fixed Rate LTV
5yr 4.00%-4.75% Up to 75%
7yr 4.50%-5.20% Up to 75%
10yr 4.75%-5.45% Up to 75%
Fixed Rate LTV
10yr 4.20%-4.90% Up to 75%

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